Nike Air Max 95 Black Friday US

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I harbor a heavy disdain for camo, man. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Camo is wack. And BAPE is pretty much synonymous with that shit, so why not write up about their latest collaboration with Coca-Cola? Nah, I'm not gonna do that lol. Almost every single piece of this stupid collaboration is visually offensive. There are Christmas-looking elf tees, hot red camo hoodies *wince* and also a yo-yo.

Nike Air Max 95 Black Friday US, The yo-yo is pretty sick actually. There was a yo-yo craze back when I was in elementary school and I had some next level tin yo-yo. We would have yo-yo races where you'd drag your yo-yo by its string along the floor. I'd always win that shit due to my tin yo-yo's low center of gravity and high level of swaggity. The yo-yo in this collection is actually not made from tin, so maybe don't pick one up unless you like losing yo-yo races.

Anyhow, this gorilla tee is half-decent. There's your classic BAPE gorilla, looking all happy and shit, except he's just taken a sip from a bottle of the good stuff. As a result, he's actually looking more happy and smug than your typical BAPE gorilla. That look of extra happiness will contrast hard with your 24/7 sad face, making you look even sadder (and subsequently cooler) than usual #SADBOYS2014.

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