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Very few cities around the world have a skyline as iconic as New York City's. Development projects that have been greenlit in Manhattan will change the city's silhouette over the next few years and for the foreseeable future.

Nike Air Max LTD 1 Black Friday US, Artist Armand Boudreaux created these renderings for New York YIMBY , which include upcoming builds at  220 Central Park South, 111 West 57th Street, 432 Park Avenue, and 53 West 53rd Street. YIMBY thinks that the new additions are good for the landscape of Midtown Manhattan, and are quoted by Gothamist as writing that w ith an existing plateau approximately 800 feet above street level, the new supertalls will add variety to the skyline, harkening back to 1920s Manhattan, which is most certainly a good thing. Midtownˇ¦s mesa-like appearance is adequate, but begs for dramatic peaks ˇX which the 57th Street towers will deliver ˇX and those are what ultimately define an iconic vista.

Conversely, as buildings get taller simply because they can, older landmarks will be lost in the forest of glass and metal. Residents have expressed concerns that the buildings will block the sunlight from reaching Central Park, which is a pretty important part of the park-going experience (not to mention vital to the survival of the trees). Is this another nail in the coffin of Old New York, or are people just overreacting and resisting change?

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