Nike Air Flight 89 Black Friday US

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Nike Internationalist
Damn, Reebok better sponsor me after this quarter. I been steady repping them on this site pretty much exclusively because everyone else here probably just wears whatever sneakers Kanye was least seen wearing in public. But for real, I like this version of the Classic Sport, especially that little hint of red on the heel. I think I like low-top Reeboks like these so much because¡KFUCK THAT. I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MY PREDILECTIONS TO YOU. This is the 21st century and I'm not required to explain myself to anyone anymore. Well, except my girlfriend and sometimes my parents. They don't really respond well to expletive filled all caps lock everything responses to questions like, Have you seen the chiropractor yet for your back? Or, Hey, how about we go to yoga to help stretch your back out? They don't understand that if I just had better and more expensive jawnery, my back wouldn't hurt at all. Also, I already have a chiropractic team: Dr. Diazepam, Dr. Ibuprofen and Marijuana. Marijuana is an alternative healer, hence the lack of a doctoral degree.

Nike Air Flight 89 Black Friday US,