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For those who have puzzled over what it feels like to be a synesthete, we hear ya. The mere idea of being able to smell sounds, taste words, or hear colors is mind-blowing to us. Even though studies show that only four percent of Americans has synesthesia (a neurological phenomenon in which two of our senses are triggered at once), it seems like just about every musician out there has the condition.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Black Friday US, When Kanye West hears the piano, for instance, he also sees shades of blue. Then there's Pharrell Williams , whose synesthesia actually helps him make music and identify whether or not a sound is in key . Oh, what we'd give to experience music as these artists.

Fortunately, illustrator Julian Glander  built an app called ROY G BIV , which allows us common folks to get a feel for this otherworldly condition. The app is pretty straightforward. You simply aim your smartphone camera at an object; ROY G BIV will then respond with a sound, so you can hear what colors sound like.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Black Friday US The app takes colour data from your iPhone or Android¡¦s camera and converts it into modulations for an 8-note synth, Glander explained to  It's Nice That . Check out the awesome app in action below, and download ROY G BIV here .

[ via Dazed ]

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