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Earlier this month, we announced that Sickboy 's newest exhibition Make It Last Forever  opens at Lazarides 's The Outsiders gallery on July 25, but it looks like he's adding a whole new dimension to his most cohesive show to date.

Nike Air Max 90 Huarache Black Friday US, Today Lazarides announced that Sickboy's launching a treasure hunt on Friday, July 18, where he's putting five laser-etched/signed/numbered Sickboy coffins packed with ephemera, original sketches, exclusive Sickboy sticker packs, and cosmic curio around the city (and they are all up for grabs). Secret location maps and info will be posted on  on Friday morning.

It seems that the treasure hunt connects to Sickboy's concept for the exhibition, as well. He says, while reminiscing on his own habit of collecting objects, Since I can remember I have been collecting objects of personal interest and categorising them to give the sum of objects a new story amongst their interchangeable juxtaposition, anything from a Disney character jilted by the ages to inanimate objects of beauty found on the street, jewels amongst the trash or gifts from the good people in my life. A good find always excited the inner child and pushes the story teller within me forward.

Nike Air Max 90 Huarache Black Friday US This weekend fans get to push their own inner story tellers forward, too.

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