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Portable speakers, until this point, haven't really been that portable. Of course, you're able to hold one in your hand, or toss it in your bag, but they haven't been as portable as, say, your smartphone.?Now, NudeAudio is hosting a Kickstarter campaign to bring the world portable speakers that solve that problem.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Black Friday US, The company just launched their Kickstarter to raise money for a Bluetooth speaker, called the Super-M, that ?they've designed that can fit in your back pocket. Not just that: it's also waterproof and sand proof, so you don't have to worry about some of the elements damaging your device.

From their page:

At NudeAudio we are passionate about our fair price policy, so we're offering a wide-range of rewards where no backer will pay more than $99 - delivered - for a Super-M on Kickstarter, wherever you come from, and whichever colour or collaboration you select.

We are also offering early bird rewards with further savings, and making these available in limited numbers, again to backers worldwide.

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Nike Air Jordan 3 Black Friday US If you'd like to see this thing come to life, donate to their campaign here .?