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You guys, I feel like I'm 17 all over again. Pins were so dope at the all-ages shows I used to go to at Saint Andrews. I was really into The Bouncing Souls for a while and I had a cool pin and also, like, a patch that I had safety pinned onto this old jean jacket. I really loved the way it looked, but I never wore it to the shows because I felt like everyone could sense the high school prep in me. I wanted to be punk as fuck, but really I was more about maybe smoking half a clove with a girl wearing a lot of eye makeup and then getting home on time because the PSATs were that week. Prize Pins is a company making pins for your lapels and jean jackets and tote bags and corkboards in your cubicle. Each joint is a limited edition of a 100 or less and shipping is even free. Shouts all the way out for the triple boob Total Recall pin , which unfortunately didn't make it into the lookbook smfh. That shit was wild back in the day. First Sharon Stone beats up Arnold and then you see three¡XTHREE¡Xtitties?! I see you, Verhoeven.

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