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When  Tatia Pilieva directed that  First Kiss video, it gave millions of people a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that quickly turned into hatred and disgust when they learned that it was an ad for a clothing company . The parody and response videos soon followed, with photographers adding their own comical and interesting twists to the idea. 

Nike Air Jordan 11 Heels Black Friday US, Pilieva recently released another video that one-ups her original in the best way possible. Titled Undress Me , the video has people meet at a bed in the middle of a room, engage in awkward small talk, and then proceed to strip each other. According to text at the end, the video was made to promote the  Showtime series,  Masters of Sex .

Will anyone care that this video is an ad, and not a cute display of awkwardness between strangers? Probably not.

Nike Air Jordan 11 Heels Black Friday US

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