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For the 5th anniversary of their top selling product, Jimmyjane recently dropped a new Luxury Edition of the  Yves Behar and Ethan Imboden -designed FORM 2 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator.

Nike Air Jordan 5 Heels Black Friday US, Jimmyjane said in a press release that the FORM 2 Luxury Edition was born out of growing consumer demand for premium pleasure products and that it further solidifies Jimmyjaneˇ¦s commitment to
setting the standard for quality, innovative pleasure products without compromising personal style,
wellbeing or values. The vibrator features a premium black silicone exterior with 24-karat gold-plated contacts on it's base. The controls and technical features are the same, so if you're a fan you already know what to expect (noobs can check out the specs here ).

FORM 2 Luxury Edition adds an extra touch of style and sexiness to the most private moments, when
one feels most vulnerable, says Jimmyjane's VP of Worldwide Sale and Business Development, Alicia Sinclair.  It makes each intimate experience feel sexy and special. We know it will be a perfect addition to our customersˇ¦ collections.ˇ¨ 

Nike Air Jordan 5 Heels Black Friday US To get your hands (yeah) on the award winning pleasure product, head to Jimmyjane .

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