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The Hundreds is continuing its ongoing '90s theme with its forthcoming fall 2014 collection. The two-part delivery takes inspiration from early '90s West Coast hip-hop and mid '90s East Coast hip-hop. 

Nike Air Jordan 8 Heels Black Friday US, Before the idea of mash-up and prior to the Internet washing everything together from the sound to the audiences, the borders between music fan communities were starkly drawn according to style of dress, Bobby Hundreds  wrote on the brand's blog. Nowadays, ask a kid what music he listens to and heˇ¦ll probably say, ˇ§Everything,ˇ¨ and his generic, conventional attire would reflect that. But in the ˇ¦90s, you could be a rock kid or a rap kid, a punk or a hippy, and you would identify yourself accordingly by what you wore.

Given its inspiration, the collection is the perfect mix of the two different styles from the two coastsˇXbright colored gear from the East and bandana print button downs from the West. The styling of the items also capture the style of the golden era to a tee, with Timbs and Chuck Taylors thrown in for good measure. 

Nike Air Jordan 8 Heels Black Friday US Look for The Hundreds fall 2014 collection to drop at brandˇ¦s flagship locations and its online shop  on Thursday, July 31. 

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