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Hood By Air? has built up an undeniable presence, based off of collections that push boundaries of men's fashion while remaining familiar to streetwear?purists. Quite simply, HBA makes moves that are too dope to ignore.? By the looks of its? pre-spring 2015? collection, the new season is not only about keeping that momentum going but also taking things a step further.?

Nike Football Shoes Black Friday US, The collection itself brings back a few familiar details: Hood By Air's strong logo placement, color-paneling, and re-imagining what everyday garments can look like. It's a full collection, with everything from button ups to outerwear, with deconstructed basics thrown in the mix. There's also footwear, made in collaboration with Forfex, that takes inspiration from? Shayne Oliver 's Nikes, Timberlands, and GBX boots.?

A new collection may not be all that's on the horizon, though. Oliver hinted at a possible opening of a Hood By Air store. :VFILES was acting like a retail space for us, in a sense,; he told :Now we have the space to do it on our own. Our energy as opposed to having it be embedded in a VFILES situation. They・re growing their own culture, and we・ll be growing our own as well.;?

Nike Football Shoes Black Friday US It sounds like Oliver is carefully crafting the next branch of the HBA business, while personally overseeing the overall experience of his audience. :It was a passion project before, and now it・s a business,; says Oliver. :I don・t want to let anyone down.; We're confident that Oliver will come through again.

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