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Venture capitalist and Instagram God Dan Bilzerian ?is constantly posting photos that make his millions of Instagram followers simultaneously hate and love his life. The overload of fast cars, beautiful women, and unnecessary extravagance is the stuff of Bond films and only adds to the legend of Bilzerian. As if the real deal weren't enough, one artist has taken Bilzerian's exploits to another level by recreating his photos as watercolor paintings on the?Instagram @danbilzerianized .

Nike Free Flyknit 5.0 Black Friday US, The artist claims to be a 7 year old inspired by King of The World Dan Bilzerian, but some suspect that he/she is lying. Judging by the quality of his work and his excessive use of profanity, hes probably not actually 7, writes the Daily Dot , though his 58,000 Instagram followers dont seem to be disputing this. The man who inspired the pastel paintings has regrammed?his favorite works ?from the Instagram account, but there are no hints as to the real identity of the artist.?

We can't decide which is better: Dan Bilzerian's?real life or the cartoon depictions of Dan Bilzerian's real life. Peep a few of the paintings above, and decide for yourself.

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Nike Free Flyknit 5.0 Black Friday US [ via Daily Dot ]