Nike Air Max 180 Black Friday US

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2016 Nike Online Shoes
Over-the-top Philly brand Ikire Jones, founded by lawyer-cum-designer Wale Oyejide, just dropped a duet of all-over print popovers that would put your grandmother's most prized Arabian rugs to shame. Aladdin's magic carpet ain't got shit on these, and that thing could fly AND single-handedly got Jasmine to take a ride. Named Balotelli's Burden , after Italian footballer and flagrant flexmaster Mario Balotelli, who was born in Italy to Ghanaian immigrants, the collection acts as an homage to the many Africans and others who have ventured to new lands in pursuit of a better life. As with previous releases, Ikire Jones has combined the influences of West African patterns with Italian tailoring to strike a unique look all its own. Both shirts in the drop feature a pronounced placket, structured collar and not a single fucking button, so you can get your Miami Vice on without going through the always strenuous effort of undoing all those goddamn fasteners.

Nike Air Max 180 Black Friday US,