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Nike Air Max 2013 Black Friday US, Notice something a little...different? No, do not adjust your computer, do not call the FCC, do not @ Lil B. :If it ain・t broke, don・t fix it.; But what if it ain・t broke and you can still make it better? You talked and we listened. Our home page was a little busy? We made it cleaner. Our lists involved too much clicking? We made them scrolling. Our video hub was difficult to navigate? We redesigned the playback experience. You wanted both Dipset and OutKast to reunite? We can・t claim credit for that, but, hey, we were busy.

For over a year we・ve been working on a redesign that enhances your user experience when you visit We listened to your concerns about everything from our lists to our mobile design for tablet users to our commenting platform to our share functions. We made it easier to consume our videos, making them more prominent and just a click away from our home page. We・re better and we・re more focused, and we think you・ll like it. Welcome to the new Your

Nike Air Max 2013 Black Friday US So here・s our new site. Wanna know how it works? Take a walk with us...

Unified Design Across Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet

In addition to better mobile browsing, we are now offering a unified design for tablet and desktop. The new desktop design is cleaner and quicker, and now you get the exact same experience on your tablet, so you can check out Complex no matter where you are.

Superior Video Experience

Browse our Complex TV Original Series and News segments with a quicker, redesigned playback experience, available site-wide. Eliminate the need for an extra click and watch Complex TV anywhere on

Quicker, Cleaner Lists (With No Clicking!)

Our re-tooled lists allow users to click through (if they want), but also to scroll and swipe. We think it・s the best gallery-browsing experience on the web.

Easier Access to Everything Complex

Nike Air Max 2013 Black Friday US Keep up with all of・s content as well as our owned and operated websitesXthe leaders in Food ( ), Indie Music ( ), Style ( ), Performance Footwear ( ),?EDM ( ), Basketball ( ), Sneakers ( ), Action Sports Lifestyle ( ), and moreXfrom any section of Complex.

Sharing and Commenting Made Simple

Give us your feedback, start the debate in the comments, and be the first to share content with your followers and fans with our new, interactive share bar located at the top of posts. We want to hear what the most important people think about our contentXyou, our readers.


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Speaking of which, let us know what you think about the changes at .

Nike Air Max 2013 Black Friday US